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January 20, 2024

What To Wear For A Photoshoot | Simple Photoshoot Outfits

Have you ever found yourself unsure of what to wear for a photoshoot? You are not alone! While the camera can bring out the natural beauty in a moment, glance, or pose, your outfit defines a great shot from a mediocre one. 

A lot goes into picking the ideal outfit for your special shoot. Anything from the colors to the type of clothing you select is worth pondering over. Consider the type of shoot; is it for a blissful engagement, a fun and relaxed couples shoot, or a powerful maternity shoot? All of these elements can create simple but powerful photoshoot outfits. 

Sometimes the best thing to do is consult your photographer. I’m sharing my expertise with you in this case! Making it easier for you to come prepared for your next special photography session. You’ll stress less, be more confident, and be able to enjoy the beauty of the moment! 

Let's make sure you’re ready! No matter who your photographer is or what location you are at. There are stylish solutions for every glamorous photoshoot; family, maternity, engagements, weddings, and much more! 

SKirk Photography prides itself on bringing these ideas to your computer screen and New Orleans Photoshoots!

Picking The Right Colors For A Photoshoot

Choosing the right color for a photoshoot can seem like a daunting task. Coming across as too bold appears gaudy while being too drab comes off as depressing. This may be suited for a band photo shoot or promotional event but for family, maternity, couple, and engagement photos, not so much!

Let’s take a look at a couple of key elements that will make your outfit perfect for nearly any photoshoot! Just follow these simple color guidelines when figuring out what to wear for a photoshoot. I promise you’ll be satisfied with the outcome, no matter the season, environment, or photographer!

Neutral/Earth Tones

Neutral/earth-tone colors are always a wonderful idea and they can pair well with most other colors! Boring greys and browns immediately come to mind here, but the range of neutral colors is much larger! Burnt orange and forest green are considered neutral colors, among many others! Check out some examples below. 

Most of these colors will pair nicely together, no matter what the editing style of your photographer may be. Neutral and earth tones are very easy to work with and create stunning yet simple photoshoot outfits!


For any color scheme, it helps to create a cohesive look for yourself and any other people who may be in your session. Having a color scheme and color pattern for your photos allows for a cohesive look, along with overall natural-looking photos any time of the year!

Bolder Tones
If you want to go with a little bit of bolder or darker colors, a nice autumn color palette will always look great. Be careful with your photographer though, as some may suggest lighter colors due to their editing style! Navy blues, bright pinks, and purples can make great accents and additions to any photoshoot outfit. 

These are a little bit better for the fall, as people tend to wear darker colors in the fall and winter. Consider the season you are shooting in to organize the perfect photoshoot outfit! 

Pastel Tones

Taking loving couple or engagement photos in the warm springtime? Pastel colors can be great for spring and summer photos! Holiday photos like Easter, or Mother’s Day are a perfect example. This can give a nice spring look, and still give you the cohesive yet fun look you’re going for. Pastel tones work great for family shoots as well! Just be sure to coordinate for the best result!

Some great pastels to consider are white, pale pink, pale purple, and peach!

However, a pastel outfit can easily wash out your skin, so be careful if you are fair-skinned or pale!

Patterns In A Photoshoot Outfit

Patterns can be a wonderful thing, but you do have to be careful. Mixing patterns may not be in your best interest. Some pattern mixing is okay, for instance, plaid and floral. If your

husband has a subtle plaid shirt, go for it! Wear your beautiful floral dress! Just remember to keep the color scheme together. 

However, if your child wants to wear a floral dress, and it’s completely different than your floral dress, that may not be the best thing, as it can clash in photos.

The best option is to have one person in print, and one other, or the remaining people, in solids.

If you want you and your daughter to wear the same pattern of dress, but they’re slightly different in style, make sure everyone else is in solids to break it up. You don’t want every person to be in the same print, because then it can cause you to lose everyone in the photo. You don’t want to just look like floating heads!

Simple Photoshoot Outfits for Men and Women 

Dressing traditionally for Men and Women differs, but there needs to be a sense of cohesion and coordination to capture that special moment!

For women, I suggest a dress for at least one outfit. Your dress flowing in the air creates iconic looks and great shots. Plus, loose outfits are comfy and allow you to relax without feeling cramped up in your outfit. 

I always include 1 outfit change in my full sessions, so most clients who do choose to change, will do a dress for one and then a more casual outfit like jeans and a top for the second.

For men, most clients will choose either khaki pants or jeans, with a nice button-up shirt. This can be a pretty versatile look; in that it goes well with most looks that your partner wears. You hear that guys? Listen to your better half! 

Whether you are in a couple, engagement, or family session it is important to coordinate with your partner. Discuss colors, types of clothing, and patterns with each other before coming to the session. 

If you are unsure about your photoshoot outfit, then ask me! I will help you find the perfect garb and location for your photoshoot. 

A simple and coordinated couples outfit. SKirk Photography

Maternity Photoshoot Outfits

For maternity photos, you want something that will show your belly. While I will not usually photograph naked bodies, some photographers will definitely do your maternity shoots with you naked, or mostly naked.

There are great two-piece options as well for maternity, that have your bump naked, but the rest of you dressed. If you want to have a more casual look, a great option is a button-up shirt with a sports bra and some jeans, and you can unbutton the top for a great intimate yet still-clothed look.

My Favorite Brands For Simple Photoshoot Outfits

Balticborn.com – Baltic Born has gorgeous options for all styles. Boho, formal, maternity, casual, anything you’re looking for, they probably have. They have tons of solids and tons of prints, so you can easily style your whole family!

Joyfolie.com – Joyfolie has wonderful women's and kid’s dresses, and some are even matching. Matching dresses can be so cute for mommy and me shoots!

My Outfit Advice: Trust Your Photographer!

The best advice I can give for you though, while all of this is SUPER helpful for you, is to ask your photographer. They are the experts that you choose for a reason. I do hope that you choose me as your expert, especially for photographs in the New Orleans area!

They have a specific editing style, so they are pretty in tune with what matches and what works best for their style of editing. They may edit light and airy, so pastels work better. I edit more warm, and somewhat moody, so the earthy and warm clothes work better.

I hope this helps you with what you are looking to achieve with your outfits for your photoshoot and don’t forget, inspiration is key! Look up ideas on Pinterest and Google! It can’t hurt you and inspiration is everywhere! 

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